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  1. This would be for my eldest daughter who has been desperate for a gumball machine! She doesn’t even like candy, but I think she intends to try to make money from her siblings.

  2. My grandma had one of these – what found memories! Glad to see your little ones are enjoying and traditions are passing on!

  3. If i won this i would give it to our oldest son who has been wanting one when he seen one in the CVS ad.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I work at a Not-for-profit animal shelter, and I would donate it and set it up in our lobby.


  5. I would actually keep this for myself. But I would have it at my home for my son and his friends, my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I think this would be an awesome treat for them when they visit. I’m known in the neighborhood as the Kool-Aid Mom, I guess if I win this, I will be known as the Gumball Lady. It brought back memories of when I was a child(many moons ago), and we would go to the corner neighborhood store. My grandmother would give us each a nickel, and back then you got three or four gumballs at a time. Ah, sweet memories.

  6. This gumball machine is adorable! They remind me of the vintage machines they use to have way back when. I just love nostalgic things!
    Angela Michels

  7. I’d love to surprise my kids with it — it would become a cool part of our “school” area in the kitchen and be a motivator. 😀

  8. i would keep for myself for when the kids come home there will be something fun for them.
    bdavisnc at gmail dot com

  9. Me! Me! Please pick me! I really want to give this gum ball machine to my son for Christmas. He would totally shit his pants with excitement opening this … for real! =)

  10. I would love this, I would use it as a coin setting and when all the gum is gone we can use the change to go someplace special as a family…it will give the kids something to look foward to and a suprise since they wont know how much money is inside. great piggy bank!

  11. would love to win for my foster son….. He is 15 and had to find stocking stuffers for but he would love this in is room

  12. I would give this to my son. He already has a gumball machine, but it may be more space conscious with the stand. Besides we need more gumballs.

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