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The Savvy Guide to Investing in Quality Essential Oils Without Breaking the Bank

It’s not an urban legend – it is possible to buy high quality essential oils without spending too much. This is not a guide to finding THE best brand – it’s a guide to finding the best oils for your family regardless of the brand. 

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This guide will teach you how to recognize the quality of any brand and looks outside the big two MLM brands to help you find quality solutions that meet your family’s budget.

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Features & Benefits

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Want to confidently decipher which oils are high quality? I’ll teach you about the three key factors to consider that will put you in the driver’s seat of knowing what oil is the best quality for your family…beyond the brand. 

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Some brands make promising claims on their bottles that actually don’t mean much to vouch for quality. I’ll show you what to really look for.

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With over a decade of oil use and a professional certification in oils, I’ve done my research. I’ll introduce you to 3 companies you may have never heard of that create the best oils around. 

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This guide will help your family find the best solutions at the most affordable price!

What others have to say...

"This guide really helped me understand what creates the difference in quality of essential oils. I feel empowered to make a much more informed decision and can’t wait to try the brands Erika suggested for me and my son. This guide is so worth it!"
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Stephanie S.

I know that finding natural solutions for your family is important! Let me show you how to make the best of your time and money spent.

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