Good news, busy mom:
you're just 5 days away from more balance in your daily life!

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As a mom, you’re juggling so much. From making sure your children are always where they need to be to getting dinner on the table each evening (and the million little details in between!), your life is FULL.

It’s become almost normal to “get through” each day, but you and your family deserve so much more.

What if you could handle all these details and enjoy the freedom of being with your family — all while more rested, less stressed, and knowing it’s all going to get done at the right time?

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It's totally doable.

And not just doable, but doable starting today - in just 15 minutes (or less!) a day over the next 5 days.

Once you go through this simple guide, you'll be able to simply and confidently manage your time without any complicated systems or overwhelming tech.

Turns out, it's not about more hours in the day or letting things go or better self's about the right tools for your life right now.

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Meet ToDoist: the amazing little app I discovered in my app store one day. Once I figured out the best (easy!) way to use it, life ran more smoothly and I was able to better enjoy life because I was so much less stressed.

This was too good to keep to myself, so I'm sharing it all in your Mom's Toolkit so you, busy mom that you are, will be just as equipped for your days.

It's time to stop trying to hold it all together and let this simple system do all the heavy lifting for you; you deserve more joy and rest, mama.

Let's walk through how to make that happen, in just 10-15 minutes for the next five days...are you excited?

Christen, busy mom of 3, says:

“Over the years, I’ve tried different organizing apps and nothing really worked. The ones I thought would be the greatest help ended up being too complicated and I’d give up after a few weeks…

Erika told me about this ToDoist app and with her Mom’s Toolkit, I was able to navigate the simple steps, watch her tutorials as needed, and get this app up and running!

Erika’s mini-course and this app are a Godsend; I’m finally starting to breathe!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

I want to simplify my schedule, but I still need to get everything done.

You're not alone; something's gotta give, but there's not much left you can let's try something different. Calm the Chaos in just 5 days with this Mom's Toolkit. Simple, easy, and quick to get working for you.

No matter what I do, my home is chaotic. This is exhausting and stressful.

That's what happens when you are handling all the things (or trying to) without dropping any balls. But there is a BETTER way, that's easier and less overwhelming than just about any system you've heard of.

I want to balance work and being a mom, but there's not enough time or energy for either.

That can all change in just 5 days (or less) with the Mom's Toolkit. Calm the Chaos, reclaim your energy, and gain back the time you spend worrying, stressing, or playing catch up.

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“To fellow moms considering Calm the Chaos, this is one of the best investments you can make to help you feel less stressed and more organized!

Erika’s course made it simple to start up and begin using immediately. Her advice on skipping certain areas of the app that are not absolutely necessary, takes the stress out of actually using the app with confidence

As with most apps, going in on your own can be daunting, but Erika has used this for years and her expertise has made me feel like an expert too.

I never believed it could be THAT wonderful, but it is! If not for Erika’s Calm the Chaos Workbook, I would never have thought Todoist was any different than the others out there. But this works!”

Christen, busy mom

Calm Your Chaos & Restore Balance in just 5 days

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How to take back your time

Learn how to master your list (instead of it mastering you!)

The simple way to reduce stress and increase energy

Building margin in your life will pull you out of survival mode

Go from chaos to balance in 5 days

It's not you. It's the systems you've been taught that have failed you. If you use it, this one won't.

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because it's time for you to enjoy daily life again and know you've got it all under control

Hi! I'm Erika!

I’m a wife, mom to 4 kids, crazy chicken lady, certified essential oil coach, and daily Todoist user. 

I’ve used Todoist to help me be more present with my kids and handle running my business, our home, and our homeschool. This simple toolkit may reduce stress and restore balance and I’m excited to share that with you now.

Erika, Living Well Mom

If you’re looking to say goodbye to survival mode for good, you need something that will work for you...and that you won't quit.

That's why I'm sharing this simple, sustainable system to calm your chaos, restore your balance, and bring you more freedom.

Any questions about this guide that I didn’t answer? Email me at and I’d be happy to help you decide if this guide is the right fit for you and your family. 

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