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  1. I put my everyday dishes in the dishwasher BUT I never put my good dishes and stemware in it. I’ll be using these for the holidays. These I hand wash which I don’t really mind except that I HATE to wear vinyl gloves on my hands when I wash anything. So, my hands get rough & dry from the dishwashing liquid. 🙁

  2. I hate having to dry the dishes. I mean, my dish washer always breaks down, so I have to wash by hand. But every time I wash a few dishes, I have to stop for a minute to dry them, so that I don’t leave wet dishes around on the table. It is very irritating.

  3. What I hate most about washing dishes is how the plastic is never dry when the rest of the dishes are ready to be put away.

  4. i hate that people in my house can’t seem to rinse their plates making my job harder!!

  5. I never realized that jet dry helped to leave your dishes dryer until I read this review, seems obvious now based on the name of it lol

  6. I got some in the mail and was glad I did. I have very hard water in my area but this left my dishes clean and shiny.

  7. I have to use Jet Dry in my dishwasher every time it is ran. My water is so hard that if it is not in there, the dishes do not come clean so Jet Dry is like a staple in my household.

  8. I hate having to rewash dishes after theyve been in the dishwasher! Jet dry prevents that & keeps my dishes squeeky clean. I love it!

  9. I have never thought to use the finish jet dry. Your review sounded just like me. It frustrates me to no end when the dishes are finished and they are still dirty. I will definitely give this product a try.

  10. I recently had a friend that moved to a new city. I was visiting her last week and she showed me the stains and hard water marks that her dishwasher was leaving on all her dishes. I recommended she try Jet Dry and she loved it. She cannot believe how great her dishes look. Great stuff!

  11. I sampled a rinse agent before but the brand was unknown to me. While I did notice it definitely helped as a drying agent, it kept leaving spots on my dishes that were never there before. I’m glad to hear there’s one out there that really works. I used to feel the same as you about it not being necessary, but now I’d like to give it another try!

  12. I am glad I read this review, I have been wanting to try it but wasn’t sure if it would work or not and I just didnt want to spend the money if it didnt!!

  13. I just bought the store brand dishwashing soap and will NEVER buy that again. I think my dishes were dirtier after running it with that soap! 🙁 Thanks for this review, I will have to try it!

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