The Quick Reference Guide to Hot or Not Essential Oils

Learn how to use your oils safely and most cost-efficiently so that you can enjoy their benefits without skin irritation. Enter your info to get FREE instant access to this ebook.

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    table with quick reference hot or not essential oil guide book

    Because different oils should be applied in different ways…

    essential oil diffuser


    Did you know that diluting your oils is not only better for your skin, but better on the pocket book?


    Some essential oils are more likely to cause skin irritation if applied straight without a carrier oil. Learn which ones fall into this "hot" category for safer, more comfortable use.


    Easily see which essential oils are hot or not with the included quick-reference printable chart.

    Get Instant Access to the Quick Reference Guide to Hot or Not Essential Oils

    Because oils have so many benefits for your family when used safely.

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