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Wish your kids WANTED to read more?

This fun kit will motivate your child to read more AND make it FUN!

layout of printables included in reading fun motivation kit

Because books are meant to be enjoyed, explored, and experienced

…without mom’s persuading or pestering!

$70 value

Please note, this is a digital product for download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

With options for kids from kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade, your kids will be running to the pages of a book for their next adventure!

From my home to yours…

This kit has inspired my own kids to read and now I want to share it with you! I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!

$70 value

Please note, this is a digital product for download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

little girl enjoying reading

As moms, there are so many things we struggle to get our kids to do because we know they're important.


With the K-8 Reading Fun & Motivation Kit, you’ll equip your child(ren) to track their reading, engage with their books on a deeper level, and learn self-motivation, self-discipline, and the joy of accomplishment!


  • 6 Reading Progress Charts for Young Children

  • 6 Reading Progress Charts for Older Children

  • 4 Books I Have Read pages for Young Children

  • 4 Books I Have Read Tracking Lists for Young Children

  • 2 Books I Have Read Tracking Lists for Older Children

  • 2 My Book Reviews for Younger Children (est. K-2th grade)

  • 2 My Book Review for Elementary Children (est. 2-5th grade)

  • 1 My Book Review for Older Children (est. middle school)

  • 2 Books I Want to Read Tracking Lists

  • 101 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read (list of incentive ideas)

  • 40 pre-filled Coupons with incentive ideas

  • 8 blank coupons to fill in with your own ideas

  • 3 Reading Reward charts to mark your family’s rewards

  • 12 colorful bookmarks

reading chart

"I am SO happy I bought Erika’s reading kit. Since we got started, my kids have begged me to go to the library and they are loving reading. It’s fantastic! My favorite part is the book reviews - they help make sure my kids have actually read and understood each book, plus it’s nice for simple writing practice. - Sue

Does any of the following sound familiar?

I can't get my kids excited about books

Between the Reading Progress Charts, Reading Trackers, and Reading Reward Charts...well, let's just say things are looking up!

I wish they would get more out of their reading

The My Book Review pages (for all ages!) will have your kids engaging with the pages they read and you'll know just how much!

I don't know how to get them reading or start this

That's okay! I'm sharing with you 101 of my best tips (and some tricks) as a mom to inspire YOU as you encourage them to read


picture of the 43 pages in the reading fun and motivation kit

$70 value

Please note, this is a digital product for download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

So...what exactly are you getting?
More than 40 pages of reading fun and motivation!

Here's everything that's included PLUS some of my favorite ways to use these pages...


This kit contains 3 levels with 2 designs each for both younger and older children.  

You may want to start with a lower goal number for your children at the beginning – such as 10 or 25. Then work up to bigger numbers, like 50 or even 100. Use stickers or have your child color in the stars or boxes as they progress.

 Tip: I suggest giving 1 sticker for easier books and 2 or more stickers for longer, more difficult books depending on the book and your child’s reading level.  

girl's reading chart from the motivation and fun kit
my reading chart 100 books


 This kit contains 4 pages with different designs. These are fun to use for younger children as a way to celebrate and mark each book they read. 


 This kit contains 6 pages with different designs. Each one includes a section for your child (or you) to write the book name, author, the date completed, and give a 1-5 star rating. We’ve included a box for a parent’s initials to help you keep track. 


 This kit contains 2 pages with different designs to help your child track books they want to read in the future. 

Visit the library and have your child jot down some titles. 

books I have read chart
books I have read chart


 This kit contains 3 levels with 5 different designs for different age groups and reading/writing abilities.

Suggested Use:

Level 1 (Pages 1 & 2) – Kindergarten-Grade 1

Level 2 (Pages 3 & 4) – Grades 2-5

Level 3 (Page 5) – Grades 6+

These pages were designed to help improve your child’s reading comprehension. They will help get your child thinking and talking about each book rather than simply checking each one off as they go. 

child writing on my book review worksheet
my book review preview worksheet

PLUS…All this FUN…


This page provides many reward/incentive ideas to inspire you as a parent. 


This kit contains 6 pages with 40 pre-filled coupons and 8 blank coupons for you to fill in with your own ideas.

How to use the coupons: Start with your child’s Reading Chart. You decide how many stars/stickers he/she needs to earn for each reward. For example: 2 stars might earn them a “Skip a Chore” or “New Book” coupon to be redeemed when they choose. But you can also have bigger reward coupons, such as a trip to the amusement park (that might be 50 stars). 

 You don’t have to do anything huge; do what works for your family. Refer back to the 101 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read page for more ideas. 

 Tip: laminate your coupons to make them more durable.


 This kit contains 3 pages with different designs. This is one more way to make reading fun and motivate your child!

Take some time to decide which coupons/rewards are reasonable for your own family, then add them to your child’s reward chart and assign the number of stars they need to earn for each one. Hang this chart in a place your child will see it often and watch how motivated they become!


This kit contains 3 pages with a total of 12 colorful bookmarks. 

 I recommend laminating your bookmarks or printing on a heavier cardstock so they last longer. 

printable bookmarks
reading reward

Get Your Reading Fun & Motivation Kit TODAY!

$70 value

Please note, this is a digital product for download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

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I’m a wife, mom to 4 kids, crazy chicken lady, and I love to bring a little sunshine into your day. It’s my joy and honor to share the tools we use in our home so you can enjoy them in yours, too. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

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