The Quick Use Essential Oil Solutions Chart

Your solution for knowing what oils to use, and actually remembering when you need to use them. Enter your information below to get FREE access! 

    ipad with essential oil quick use solutions chart

    Because your essential oils aren’t doing any good sitting on the shelf…

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    Help with 10 Common Ailments

    Cold, flu, headaches, trouble focusing? This quick use chart will guide you with which essential oils to use for what.

    Easy Quick Print Format

    Print, then hang it in your kitchen cupboard, pantry, refrigerator, etc. and have this chart available when you need it quickly.

    No More Oils Collecting Dust

    So many of us (me too) struggle to remember to use oils in the moment. This quick use chart will help! (I have this hanging in my bathroom cupboard too - and it really helps!)

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    Because your family deserves the best solutions for living well now.