Back to School Apple Cupcakes


  • boxed cake mix + required ingredients (usually oil, water, eggs)
  • buttercream or vanilla frosting
  • if desired, a tube of Cake Mate green frosting
  • food color(I recommend Americolor for rich, deep colors)
  • 612 tootsie rolls


  1. Mix up the cake mix as directed and spoon into 24 regular-sized, paper-lined muffin cups. Bake according to package directions for cupcakes.
  2. Cool completely.
  3. For the frosting – make your favorite buttercream frosting or use the canned variety. The canned variety probably won’t look as pretty, but it’s easier. Save a small portion to tint green for the leaves (you won’t need much) or you can go the easy way and buy a tube of Cake Mate green frosting. Your choice.
  4. Frost the cupcakes with red. Cut the tootsie rolls into small piece and roll into the shape of a stem. Put those in the center of the cupcakes, then pipe in green “leaves.”
  5. Enjoy!