Calming Homemade Bubble Bath with Essential Oils

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This calming homemade bubble bath has simple natural ingredients, including 2 relaxing essential oils.




Pour 1 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap into a pourable measuring cup.

Then add 1/3 cup of vegetable glycerin. 

Next, add in 10-15 drops each of lavender and vetiver essential oils. Use the lesser amount for smaller children.

Stir your calming homemade bubble bath mixture together, then pour into a 16-ounce empty bottle.


This bubble bath is not super bubbly – but enough for the kids to enjoy.

Caution: this is not a tear-free bubble bath, so warn your children to keep the bubbles away from their eyes. However because 1-2 Tablespoons is not very much, I haven’t had any issues with my children getting their eyes irritated.